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1 Sheet BetterMember Rock QR code
(+ State and Local taxes)

BetterMember Rock QR Codes

What is a BetterMember Rock QR Code?
A BetterMember Rock QR code is a simple QR code scannable with your smart phone which will direct you to our URL The link is also located below the QR code for manual link input. The code will also contain an 8 digit line of letters and numbers. This is the code line that you will place into the
There are 25 codes on one sheet. Each code can be cut less than 1 inch square

How does it work?
1.) Paint your rock
2.) Cut out one of the 25 QR codes
3.) Glue the code to the back of the rock
4.) Cover in a couple layers of clear coat
5.) Take a picture of your rock
6.) Visit the site
7.) Type the 8 digit code from that rock in the site and click VIEW
8.) Fill out the short form about you and your rock
9.) E-mail optional
10.) Hide your rock

What Next?
Sooner or later someone will find the rock that you hid. They will then see the site and QR code on back. They will follow the instructions on the screen by typing your 8 digit code in the site. They will then see your rock that you uploaded to the site along with the story and date attached to the file. In the finders options, the finder can leave details about where they found it or a nice message to the page. They will then be instructed to re-hide in another location. And this step will repeat itself and this rocks journey will continue to grow.

What else?
Had you chosen to provide your e-mail when you setup your BetterMember Rocks Page, he will e-mail you every time someone finds him and puts in information and send you a link to view his updated page so you can see his journey.
You have read this far because you already like painting and hiding your rocks. Give them a little life and track their journey through the page a product of BetterMember LLC. There is no sign-up, no special APP to download. Just you and your rock creations and a little bit of added fun.

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1 Sheet BetterMember Rock QR code
A BetterMember Rock QR code is a simple code that gets pasted to your rock to bring it to life.

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