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Advertise on BetterMember - BetterMember offers advertising areas on this website through the right column 250x250 banner or text ad and footer banner or text ads located on this website and different pages. Advertising on the mobile website for BetterMember Online Services as well.
Community Pages - We offer the opportunity for you to create a community page for your club, business or organization. You will be able to create an online presence for your business in the local area and know that it is advertised to the local area.
$ocial $wap $hop - Social Swap Shop is a free online service that allows you to post your items for selling or trading on a website that will let you share your created classified ad with facebook groups and other places. The classified ad runs for a week then is removed from the database.
A BetterMember Adventure - Our BetterMember Adventure is a hosted minecraft server usually open to the public 7am - 10pm. The adventure server hopes to offer a clean fun environment for members of all ages to join and play. Learn more about our minecraft server and special events on our facebook page. Server Address :
BetterMember Rocks - Our BetterMember Rocks section is an addition to a trend that started of painting your rocks and hiding them for other people to find. BetterMember Rocks is the same concept, except you will be given a small QR code to put on the back of your rock you had painted. Under the QR code which takes you directly to the BetterMember Rocks website is an 8 digit info code. You will use this code on the site to create your rock a web page. After that you simply hide your special rock creation like normal. Finders will goto the website, put the code in and post to your rocks web page that you created for it and hopefully leave a friendly message and where your rock has visited. Once they do your rock will send you an e-mail once his web page has been updated. Get yours today... (Learn More).

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